Children Stories


Written by Nomaan Sarker

(Translated by Nuren Noorain)

Long ago there was a fox namely Fred. He lived in a forest near the southern river.

One day, he went out looking for food. He walked for long. He was very tired and thirsty. He went near the river to drink water. When he reached there, he saw some crocodiles were having sun bath. He got terrified as he needed to pass them to drink water. He started to look for a way to drink water by avoiding them.

All of a sudden one of crocodiles saw the fox and said, ‘Hey, Fred! Long time no see. How are you doing?’

All the other crocodiles looked at him and gave a devilish smile.

Fred said, ‘Well, I am doing great.’

The oldest crocodile said, ‘You seem really thirsty. Come and drink some water.’

He remembered his father’s saying, ‘Never trust the one who is hungry cause they can do anything to remove their hunger.’

Fred stepped back. Another crocodile said, ‘We’re just having sun bath. What are you afraid of?’

The youngest crocodile said, ‘There is nothing to be afraid of. We are friends ,right?’

He said, ‘I am not afraid; not at all. I was just passing by. So, I thought of giving  you a news.’

‘News? What news?’ said one of the crocodiles.

Fred said, ‘I saw some bears catching fishes from the canal near by. How gigantic the fishes were! And just look at you! You are sitting here in hope of an animal. That’s sad!’

Fred again said, ‘I’m loving to see you taking sun bath. Let me join you too.’ Saying this he lied on the land.

The crocodiles said, ‘Won’t you drink water then?’

‘No, I didn’t come here to drink water. I just wanted to give you the news. That’s it.’

The crocodiles thought that how great the fox was! ‘No one told us about the fishes  except for him. He thinks so much for us.’

Fred saw that one by one the crocodiles were getting back into the water.

Seeing this Fred said, ‘Are you guys done?’

The eldest crocodile said, ‘Yes! We are thankful to you. You think so much for us.’

He said, ‘Ahh! That was my duty. Visit the canal for sure.’

The crocodiles said, ‘We surely would.’

Saying this all the crocodiles went into the water.

As soon as they all went in, Fred ran towards the river and drank the water.

One of the crocodiles saw him and  shouted, ‘You cunning fox! You tricked us!’

Fred laughed hard and said, ‘Do you still think that strength is more important than intelligence?’

Written by Nomaan Sarker

(Translated by Nuren Noorain)

Only one week left for king’s birthday. The queen and the princess decided to give a tiger cub as a gift as the king loves tigers.

They talked to chief soldier regarding this matter. He along with some other soldiers started looking for a tiger. At the very morning of his birthday, they reached the palace with a tiger cub. The cub  was really adorable.

The princess was really happy to see it and she thought how happy will the king be happy to see this tiger cub.

By the order of the queen, the cub was taken to the king in cage. The roar of the cub woke up the king. Queen and princess wished him happy birthday. The king was really surprised to see the tiger cub. He said,’ Wow! How large tiger it is!’ The princess laughed .

On that very night, he got to know that a tigress had entered a village. But she was not causing any harm. She was only crying and roaming around. The soldiers informed the king that they bought the tiger cub from a nearby area where the tigress has been found. The King understood what the matter was.

The next day, king along with queen and princess started for the village taking the tiger cub. It took two days to reach there. When they reached there, the villagers showed him the way to the tigress. The tigress was sitting on the cliff of a small hill. When they climbed  there, they saw that the tigress sitting.

One of the soldiers opened the cage. The tiger cub ran towards its mother. They all were very happy.

Although the princess was happy but at the same time a bit sad cause the tiger cub left. The king said,‘It went were it really belonged’. The princess made a long face and said, ‘But, it was your birthday present’. The king laughed and said, ‘My dear, when you love someone or something, all that matters is their happiness. As yours is mine. Shouldn’t you be happy for the tiger cub?’

The princess understood what the king wanted to say. She understood that our happiness lies in the happiness of our loved ones.