Md. Nomaan Sarker

(Translated by Nuren Noorain)

It was a sunny day. Princess Linda wake up in the morning and looked through the window. The flowers were blowing, birds were singing. She decided to go to hills and play.

Princess Linda went to the king and asked that if she could go. The king agreed but he said that she must stay around the soldiers. She promised so. Then she started for the hills with Ringo, her favorite horse.

When she reached there, she saw a boy crying. All of a sudden, she heard a voice, ‘Hey, how are you?’ She turned back and saw Neno was standing there.

Linda was so happy to see her. Linda said, ‘it’s great that you are here. Now let’s play with my ball.’

Neno said, Wait! Do you know why the little boy is crying?’

Princess Linda said, No, I know nothing about this. I just arrived here.’

Neno said,’ Okay then. Let me see.’

Neno close her eyes and went back on the time and saw that the boy was playing with his ball and it fell down the hill. After that the little boy was crying.

Neno open her eyes and shared the whole story to Linda.

 She said, ‘Don’t you think you should share your ball with him?’

Princess said, ‘But I don’t wanna share my ball. I got it as a present.’

Neno said, ‘Don’t you remember about that day?’

Princess said, ‘What day?’

Neno said, ‘Close your eyes, I will help you remember that day.’

Princess said, Ok, I am gonna close my eyes. I love it when you take me back on time. You are amazing!’

Princess closed her eyes and she went back on time.

Neno said, ‘That day, when your balloons had flow in the sky and you were crying for that. Look at sky princess and feel what your feelings were then.

Princess went back on that day. A strong wind blew her balloons off high in sky.  She felt sorry for the boy.  

Princess opened her eyes.

Neno said, ‘That day you felt too bad. Right? So why are doing the same thing? Always spread happiness than you will get happy with in return.

Princess went to the boy and give him ball.

Boy felt wonder. He laughed; he was really happy. No one would believe that sometimes back he was crying. He thanked her.

That day, she learned a great lesson that is spread happiness whenever you get a chance. Then you will get happiness in return.

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