Children story


Md. Nomaan Sarker

Translated by Nuren Noorain

It’s a sunny day. Everyone is playing in the playground. Albert is sitting in a corner. All his friends were playing baseball. But he wasn’t.

The excitement and celebrations of the audiences of two teams were all over the ground. But that wasn’t making any difference to him. Afternoon passed by. The match ended. Everyone left the ground. But Albert didn’t. He was still sitting there.

Evening faded. His elder sister Daisy was looking for him. On her way she met Albert’s friend, Jake. He said that Albert was sitting in playground all alone and didn’t even talk anyone. When his sister asked the reason, he replied that Albert didn’t get good marks in the exam. That’s why he was upset since morning.

Daisy went there and saw Albert sitting in a corner of the playground. She asked him, ‘Hey, what are you doing here? Don’t wanna go home?’’

Albert looked back and saw Daisy standing there. He said,’ Yeah, let’s go.’

His face is gloomy. They headed for home. There was an uncomfortable silence between them.

`You’re really upset Albert, aren’t you?’

Albert looked at Daisy. Daisy had started college that year. There was a lot of change in her . All of a sudden she started to act like a mature. She kinda talks like mom.

Daisy seems like a stranger. Once Albert thought that some evil spirit got in to her.

Moreover she had started wearing glasses. Just for style of course. But it made her look like an old hag.

“Albert! Why are you so quiet? Mum said that you didn’t even have lunch. Let me buy you a burger. You know what, there is an amazing fast food shop near.

I am not hungry.

She stopped. Albert, just because you didn’t do well in the exam that doesn’t mean you’ll act like this. You haven’t eaten anything since morning. Now if you fall sick, whose loss is this. Yours or mine?

He’s just standing like a numb.

Md.Nomaan Sarker

Translated by Nuren Noorain

Once there lived a beautiful girl name Alina. She always helps others and remains happy.

One day her mother noticed that she was very upset. Her mother asked her, `Why she was upset?’ She told that her exams are knocking at the door. That’s why she was scared. She didn’t want to give the exam. Her mother was really angry at her. She scolded her and sent her to school.

Alina was walking by the garden of the school when all of a sudden she noticed that a beautiful butterfly is following her for a while. Alina stopped and turned around. The butterfly told her, Will you be my friend?’ Why do you want to be my friend? asked Alina. Cause you always help people and stay clean and tidy. Everyone loves people like you.

Alina was surprised. The butterfly said, Today is my last day in this garden. I am gonna leave this place soon. I feel great to see you. If you be my friend ,I will be really glad. When I came here I got your name as a great person who wanted to help people. I will always remember you and tell everyone of us to be like you.

She said, Can’t you stay for some days? The butterfly said, We never stay in the same garden for a long time, we were here the whole day. So, we will travel to another place by afternoon.

Visiting different places is our main job. You should always love your work. Only then the work can be done perfectly.

The butterfly left in the afternoon. Alina thought how excellent thoughts was the little creature caring with it. It is such a little creature traveling all over the city and does not even gets tired instead it loves its work.

On the other hand, study is my work and I don’t love it!

She returned home and shouted, Mom, mom I wanna give exam.’

Her mom was total astonished. Do you know that we should always love our job and when we love it , it get easier for us. My job is to study. From now on I will love it. Only then things will get easier for me.

Written by Nomaan Sarkar

(Translated by Nuren Noorain)

‘Papa look it’s raining!’, said the princess. The king looked through the window. He said, `How beautiful the surrounding looks when it rains!’

Princess looked at her mother. The queen smiled. She ran towards the large balcony that was beautifully decorated by plants. She extended her hand off the balcony. She wandered how does it rain?’

The plants were looking so lively! She closed her eyes and felt every drop of the rain. It felt like every drop was not just water droplets but tons of happiness. She turned her face looking at the king and laughed. The sound of her laugh melted his heart. To him it was more beautiful than the rain. She ran to him and jumped on his lap. She said,` I love my family. I love it when we three are together.’ Her curious little eyes were looking at king. The king said,` Do you want to ask me something?’

The princess said `Is it true that the fairies come in the forest when it rains? Once you said that fairies come in the forest near the eastern sea while narrating a story. Can we visit them, please?’

The king laughed and said, `That was just a story, my dear.’

No! I believe in them. Let’s go and find if they are really there now.’

The king said, `As you wish, my princess.’

The king and queen along with the princess started for the garden. They traveled by the royal horses. The princess was traveling on her favorite black horse. She named it Hexie. Her eyes were sparkling. She was wandering if the fairies too love rain just like her. Cool breeze was blowing when all of a sudden a strong wind threw her off the horse. The queen and the king ran to her. The queen said,` You’ve been hurt badly. Moreover it’s raining, you may catch cold. Let’s just go back home. We’ll come here some other day.’ But she wasn’t an easy one either.     ` Mom, I’m a princess and papa said that princesses are never afraid of anything. They fight in the darkest times. And it’s just rain. As a true princess I mustn’t stop here. Now hurry up! The sun is about to set.’ At last they reached the forest. The princess looked at the sea. She never came out of the castle at the time of rain. She was surprised looking at the beauty of nature. At the same time, she was astonished seeing the large blue sea. The forest was full of beautiful plants and colorful flowers. She saw a plant from far away. She asked the king if she can go there. The king said, ’Well it’s your day. So enjoy it!’

When the princess went near, she saw the plant was full of blue berries. The queen stood beside her. She said,` You wanna have some?’

‘Yes but…….”

‘But what?’

`You said that everything should be eaten only after its washed well.

The queen smiled and said,’ Rain water is purer than any water in the world. The berries are washed by it. So you can have these.’ As soon as she ate one, she shouted,` These are the best berries I have ever eaten.’

All of a sudden she remembered about the fairies. She ran to the king and said where are the fairies?’ The king said you may look for them. She looked around but found none. She came to her father and said ‘Maybe they are not coming out because of the rain. Can we wait till the rain stops? Please… ’

The king couldn’t refuse her. The rain stopped but she didn’t. At last she returned back to the king. The king asked, ’What happened dear?’

She said that she didn’t find any fairy. The king said, `Well, I found one.”

Her dull face turned merry. She was on the ninth cloud. There was a sparkle in her eyes. She was so excited!

She asked,’ Where is the fairy?’

Are you ready to see her?’ asked the king.

`Born ready!’ said the princess

He took her near the sea and pointed at her reflection and said,` There she is!’

The princess said,` But….but  that’s just my reflection.’

Well it’s just a reflection as you see. But look deeper, its lot more than that. The girl in the water is you with all your strength and flaws.’

My child, nobody is flawless. But there is a magic inside everyone of us . I can see that in you too.’

She was surprised and asked,`Do I have a superpower?’

The king laughed and said,‘ Well, kind of.’

What kind?’ She asked.

King said, ’The power of goodness.’

Everyone has it but not everybody choses to use it. But I know that my princess will use it and grow it more and more.’

The princess understood the king’s message. She said, ‘Yes papa, I will use and grow it more, it’s my promise. I will become your proud daughter and a wise queen.’The king was pleased and said, Always remember have faith on yourself. Only then you will be able to use the magic.’

Written by Nomaan Sarker

(Translated by Nuren Noorain)

Long ago there was a fox namely Fred. He lived in a forest near the southern river.

One day, he went out looking for food. He walked for long. He was very tired and thirsty. He went near the river to drink water. When he reached there, he saw some crocodiles were having sun bath. He got terrified as he needed to pass them to drink water. He started to look for a way to drink water by avoiding them.

All of a sudden one of crocodiles saw the fox and said, ‘Hey, Fred! Long time no see. How are you doing?’

All the other crocodiles looked at him and gave a devilish smile.

Fred said, ‘Well, I am doing great.’

The oldest crocodile said, ‘You seem really thirsty. Come and drink some water.’

He remembered his father’s saying, ‘Never trust the one who is hungry cause they can do anything to remove their hunger.’

Fred stepped back. Another crocodile said, ‘We’re just having sun bath. What are you afraid of?’

The youngest crocodile said, ‘There is nothing to be afraid of. We are friends ,right?’

He said, ‘I am not afraid; not at all. I was just passing by. So, I thought of giving  you a news.’

‘News? What news?’ said one of the crocodiles.

Fred said, ‘I saw some bears catching fishes from the canal near by. How gigantic the fishes were! And just look at you! You are sitting here in hope of an animal. That’s sad!’

Fred again said, ‘I’m loving to see you taking sun bath. Let me join you too.’ Saying this he lied on the land.

The crocodiles said, ‘Won’t you drink water then?’

‘No, I didn’t come here to drink water. I just wanted to give you the news. That’s it.’

The crocodiles thought that how great the fox was! ‘No one told us about the fishes  except for him. He thinks so much for us.’

Fred saw that one by one the crocodiles were getting back into the water.

Seeing this Fred said, ‘Are you guys done?’

The eldest crocodile said, ‘Yes! We are thankful to you. You think so much for us.’

He said, ‘Ahh! That was my duty. Visit the canal for sure.’

The crocodiles said, ‘We surely would.’

Saying this all the crocodiles went into the water.

As soon as they all went in, Fred ran towards the river and drank the water.

One of the crocodiles saw him and  shouted, ‘You cunning fox! You tricked us!’

Fred laughed hard and said, ‘Do you still think that strength is more important than intelligence?’