Love everything


Md.Nomaan Sarker

Translated by Nuren Noorain

Once there lived a beautiful girl name Alina. She always helps others and remains happy.

One day her mother noticed that she was very upset. Her mother asked her, `Why she was upset?’ She told that her exams are knocking at the door. That’s why she was scared. She didn’t want to give the exam. Her mother was really angry at her. She scolded her and sent her to school.

Alina was walking by the garden of the school when all of a sudden she noticed that a beautiful butterfly is following her for a while. Alina stopped and turned around. The butterfly told her, Will you be my friend?’ Why do you want to be my friend? asked Alina. Cause you always help people and stay clean and tidy. Everyone loves people like you.

Alina was surprised. The butterfly said, Today is my last day in this garden. I am gonna leave this place soon. I feel great to see you. If you be my friend ,I will be really glad. When I came here I got your name as a great person who wanted to help people. I will always remember you and tell everyone of us to be like you.

She said, Can’t you stay for some days? The butterfly said, We never stay in the same garden for a long time, we were here the whole day. So, we will travel to another place by afternoon.

Visiting different places is our main job. You should always love your work. Only then the work can be done perfectly.

The butterfly left in the afternoon. Alina thought how excellent thoughts was the little creature caring with it. It is such a little creature traveling all over the city and does not even gets tired instead it loves its work.

On the other hand, study is my work and I don’t love it!

She returned home and shouted, Mom, mom I wanna give exam.’

Her mom was total astonished. Do you know that we should always love our job and when we love it , it get easier for us. My job is to study. From now on I will love it. Only then things will get easier for me.