Md. Nomaan Sarkar

(Translate by Rabab Alam)

Today is Taha’s birthday. He will be seven years old. That’s why he went to his grandma in search of seven candles. Grandma is reading newspaper. Taha said, “Grandma, grandma you wanted to give seven candles for my birthday!” Grandma raised her head and said in surprised tone, “Oh no I forgot, my dear!”

Grandma saw Taha’s smile turned into frown, she’ll start to cry now. Seeing that she felt bad.

Grandma said, “Come here dear. I’ll bring them before evening fades away.”

Taha turned on his heels with his head hanging down. Grandma only saw Taha go out of the room. She called him out in a soft tone. But he didn’t look back. He sprints out of the room. Just then he heard a sound. Sound of a bell! He startled and turned around. Then he ran towards the door and stood there, saw that there was a bell and many colorful candles in grandma’s hand! Taha stared in astonishment. It seemed like he is stuck on the ground out of joy. There are really seven candles in grandma’s hand! Taha extended his hand towards her hand.

She laughed and said, “If you want to get those then you have to give me a big hug.”

Taha started to laugh at grandma’s tantrum.  

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