MD.Nomaan Sarker

(Translated by Rabab Alam)

Megha told Mini, “Go out of my room; I’m studying.” Mini either didn’t heard or pretend not to hear as she always does .She laid a bit away from her reading table.

Megha shouted and said, “Do not disturb me. Go I said.” She raised her pencil and pointed the way to the door.

 Mini protested by yowling and left the room. She went towards the kitchen. Mother gestured with her finger that not to come here.

Ah, where would she go? Mini asked herself. The mischievous boy of this house Robin is always at her hunt. Today morning he brought a dangerous brown bushy dog. Since then she can not go out. The dog is tied near the gate. Once it saw her and ran towards her in an attacking stance. The dog is more dangerous than Robin. It will devour her any moment if it gets her. Robin hurts her by throwing up stuffs. But the dog won’t leave her alone. There is no other way to get out.

She can’t go to this room; she can’t go to that room. Robin’s room is not even a option! Robin keeps watching TV all day long in the living room. Only the time he stays at school, the house seems like heaven. When he stays at home it’s just the opposite.

Human beings just don’t understand the matter that animals also has feelings. Sometimes they seem very close. Fondle while embracing unremittingly. Sometimes completely different behavior. Completely opposite, as if she has done a crime. Albeit the food they give; she doesn’t steal any food rather than that.

There are three house beside, she goes there for stealing. She doesn’t steal from this house. But no one sees that!

The door of father’s room is open. It is dark inside. She entered the room slowly. No, dad is not here. She looked around her properly. And then she saw a stranger was sitting under the bed.

The boy was around Robin’s age sitting under the bed. Mini freaked out. Her heart is saying, this boy is not someone of the house.

Danger might prevail. She gazed around her. A steel jug always stays on dad’s table in this room. She screamed out loud and pounced on the jug causing it to fall. She has no other way to alert others rather than this. As the jug fell the person under the bed freaked and bumped with the bed. The sound came out really loud. Father ran out of the bathroom quickly. Megha ran out of her room and mom came running into the room screaming mice. Few fat mice started to come to the house that’s why mother screamed mice; Mini thought so. Last week when the cat found mice same incident happened. Her expensive glass jug was broken that day.

Father flickered the light on. Mini sitting at one corner of the room. But then sound came from under the bed again. Everyone together looked under the bed and saw a boy around Robin’s age. Everyone screamed as if they saw ghost! So, at the end of the Mini was the hero of the house.

From that day everyone cared about Mini. After that if someone see Mini no one says anything. Instead when mother sees her she gives her foods from the kitchen. Megha doesn’t feel disturbed like before when she goes to her room. Fondles her, made a special arrangement to sleep. Father often brings this or that for Mini. Only Robin gives her the cold shoulder. He would throw whatever he has near him when no one was near. But after throwing he looks around him, whether someone saw that or not.

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